Why Lumato?

Light Without Boundaries

Lumato specializes in creating linear LED products designed to enhance the visual quality of architectural spaces. The company was founded on the belief that LED technology can and should lead to creating a product that fully recognizes and achieves the important balance between form and function.

We understand and appreciate all of the architectural components that together create a great space. The role of lighting within a space must be measured both functionally, as it must properly illuminate a space, and formally, as it must blend into a chosen design aesthetic.

Our vision of creating Light Without Boundaries™ is a direct response to this architectural condition and can be defined by three key aspects: Quality of Light | Flexibility | Craft

Quality of Light

Optimal Indirect Illumination

Consistent illumination across a ceiling and maximum fixture spacing can be accomplished with our ultra-wide beam spread

Comfortable Visual Environment

Eliminate the glare and harshness of traditional lighting design by providing proper indirect and direct illumination


Compact and Powerful Fixtures

Benefit from the light output of a powerful fixture while marveling at the ability of this compact form to adapt to a variety of spaces

Versatile Light Engine

Choose from a variety of indirect and direct lighting combinations to provide proper illumination for any space


Hidden Connection

Provide a clean transition from fixture to mounting cable by recessing the connection hardware within the fixture

Sure-Fit Alignment

Ensure straighter rows and tighter seams with our multi-point alignment and attachment system