Acoustics Without Boundaries

Suspended S2A-D Acoustic in Blueberry

Linear Acoustics

Introducing the joining of our timeless Linear products with the exceptional sound-dampening capabilities of advanced acoustic materials. The merging of our excellent product engineering and acoustic artistry has resulted in an innovative solution of aesthetics and functionality.

Acoustic GEO Luminaire

GEO Acoustics

Elevating the allure of our exquisitely crafted GEO Series is our latest enhancement: Plane. Meticulously conceptualized to seamlessly nestle within our diverse range of GEO shapes or shine independently as an unlit ceiling fixture, Plane epitomizes versatility and sophistication at its finest.

8x48 SLEK Acoustic Blade - Suspended in Blueberry

Unlit Acoustic Companions

Crafted for versatility, our unlit acoustic baffles are ingeniously fashioned as standalone masterpieces or to harmonize flawlessly with our Linear and GEO Series offerings. Elevate the ambiance of any space with the perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

Colors and Textures

When bringing your unique project to life, we believe in providing you with diverse choices. That’s why we offer over 30 standard color and texture options to explore and select from. Whether you’re seeking a classic, contemporary, or bold look, our selection suits every style.

However, we understand that your project sometimes demands a specific color that exceeds our standard offerings. Our advanced digital color-matching technology allows us to seamlessly match over 99% of all Pantone colors, ensuring a flawless integration of your desired hues. But our commitment to customization goes above and beyond Pantones. Our specialized capabilities enable us to achieve an astonishing range of 5,000,000 custom colors. We are dedicated to bringing your unique vision to life, ensuring that every shade and tone aligns perfectly with your project’s requirements.

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Acoustic Swatch - Color
Acoustic Swatch - Texture
Acoustic Swatch - Custom

Acoustic Felt Panels & Baffles

Acoustic Felt Panels and Baffles and Sound Masking

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